Saturday, September 25, 2010

tahini lemon rice & beans

2 bunches fresh kale/2 bags frozen kale
2-3 small or 1 large can black beans
5-1000000 garlic cloves
Shredded carrot

8 tbsp soy sauce
8 tbsp tahini
4 tbsp lemon juice
4 tbsp rice vinegar
4 tbsp worcestershire sauce?
4 tbsp water
4 tbsp olive oil

start a cooker-ful of  rice. chop garlic and [fresh] kale. heat butter in a big-ass cooking pot and add garlic, add kale when garlic is done. When kale starts wilt/melt, add beans (drain and rinse those fuckers) and heat through. mix all the sauce stuff, add to kale and beans, stir, turn off heat and cover until rice is finished cooking.

When rice is finished, add it to the pan and toss to coat. serve with shredded carrot, avocado, nuch, cheese, whatever's sexy

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